Free Microsoft Teams Birthday Bot – Celebrating Milestones Made Easy

Struggling to remember the birthdays and work anniversaries of your employees located worldwide? Wish you could effortlessly show your team they matter? Introducing AnnounceBot, your FREE Microsoft Teams birthday bot and recognition hero!

What is AnnounceBot – the Microsoft Teams Birthday Bot?

AnnounceBot is your assistant for simplifying employee recognition in Microsoft Teams. Forget chasing down colleagues or relying on unreliable spreadsheets. From sending personalized greetings to reminding you to sign those virtual birthday cards, our bot automates it all.

  • Personalized birthday and work anniversary greetings: Make everyone feel special with heartfelt messages customized just for them.
  • Effortless onboarding: Welcome new hires with warm messages and get them started with a positive team experience.
  • No more chasing dates: AnnounceBot collects birth dates and joining dates for you. 
  • Seamless channel management: Send greetings across multiple Microsoft Teams channels, ensuring no one gets missed.
  • Early bird gets the birthday wish: Surprise teammates with early greetings for weekend birthdays and work anniversaries, showing you care.
personalize birthday greetings for colleagues in Teams
Encourage teamwork and collaboration through virtual celebrations in Teams

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Benefits of using AnnounceBot – the Birthday Bot

Say goodbye to the hassle: 

Forget the hassle of tracking down everyone to sign a birthday card, manage calendars, and rely on memory. AnnounceBot takes the guesswork out of employee recognition.

Spread joy with one click: 

AnnounceBot shares birthday and work anniversary greetings to teammates with one click. Celebrating your employees and making them feel valued is made easy with our bot. AnnounceBot adds a special touch to holidays with personalized greetings, making them even more memorable.

Never miss a milestone again: 

Schedule birthday and work anniversary greetings in advance, guaranteeing no one gets overlooked. Additionally, AnnounceBot provides a warm and personalized welcome to new hires, instantly creating a feeling of belonging.

And our bot does not forget the weekends! Surprise your teammates with early wishes on Friday if their special day falls on Saturday or Sunday, making them feel valued.

Teams birthday bot sending wishes in the channel
MS Teams birthday bot

Boost team spirit:

AnnounceBot helps you improve employee engagement by promoting a culture of recognition and appreciation. Our bot highlights individual milestones, creating a supportive environment where employees feel valued and connected.

Even for remote workers who may experience feelings of isolation, AnnounceBot ensures they receive personalized birthday and work anniversary messages directly in their Microsoft Teams workspace, helping them feel acknowledged and engaged.

Effortless management:

Ditch the spreadsheets and sticky notes! Let the AnnounceBot collect dates for you or Bulk upload dates with a simple spreadsheet. Easily manage all the messages that get sent out across multiple channels.

Invest in your team:

AnnounceBot is more than just a birthday bot. It is an investment in your team’s well-being and productivity. By automating celebrations and recognition, you free up valuable time and resources, allowing your team to focus on what they do best.

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Why AnnounceBot is the Perfect Choice

  • It is Free: AnnounceBot is FREE for up to 20 users and offers a 30-day trial of the premium version (No credit card required).
  • Easy to use and manage: Install the bot within 60 seconds, and let its user-friendly interface guide you through every step.
  • Secure and reliable: Trust your team data with our bot built on Microsoft Azure, ensuring the highest security standards.

How to Use AnnounceBot – the Birthday Bot

1. Install the Bot:

Click on the Add to Teams button on the AnnounceBot website or search for it directly within Microsoft Teams.

Go to Apps -> Search AnnounceBot -> Click the AnnounceBot search result and click Add to a team button -> Select the team name and click the Set up a bot button. That’s it!

2. Collect the dates:

You can do this using the bulk import feature or request it directly from users. Type the Help command and click on the

  • RequestDates: If you want AnnounceBot to reach out to your teammates and request their dates
  • Import: To bulk upload dates using a spreadsheet

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