Top 10 Ideas to Build Better Workplace Connections

The workplace is very different than it used to be. Employees have many more distractions, and they work in a variety of fields. Healthy workplace connections keep staff coming back to the office time and time again.

Here is a list of 10 amazing tips to build better workplace connections! 

#1 Celebrate birthdays and other key milestones.

You would be surprised how many companies overlook this simple hack; When your employees feel unseen, they are unlikely to stay engaged with their work. 

For each milestone, your employees hit—whether a birthday or a promotion—take some time to celebrate it. Not only will you make your employees feel special, but they will you value the contributions employees make to the company and feel appreciated. 

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#2 Carry out weekly (or more) espresso meetings.

Most workplaces have scheduled coffee breaks, but why stop there? To build a more cohesive team, hold regular espresso meetings where you and your employees can get to know each other better. 

If you are unsure where to start, here are a few ideas:

  • Hold a storytelling contest. 
  • Ask employees to describe their dream work environment. 
  • Have everyone pitch a new product or service. 
  • Ask employees to provide solutions to challenges the company is facing.

#3 Create awareness of professional boundaries.

Boundaries are essential for any healthy relationship, including those in the workplace. They help to prevent any potential issues before they happen.

Include information on professional boundaries in your employee handbook to ensure that all employees are aware from the beginning. You can also hold training sessions during onboarding. Finally, you can create posters or other visuals that remind employees of the importance of professional boundaries.

#4 Plan company-wide activities.

Your employees may come from different backgrounds and places of origin, but they probably have a lot in common with one another. Plan company-wide activities that bring employees together and allow them to broach topics they may be too shy to discuss during work hours.

  • Host a potluck and ask employees to bring one thing that inspires them. 
  • Ask employees what books they are reading and why.
  • Organize a culture-building activity such as a hackathon.

#5 Get employee onboarding done the right way.

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#6 Arrange workshops on emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize and manage your own emotions besides others. It is a critical skill in the workplace, as it helps you to work more efficiently and productively, resolve conflicts, and maintain healthy relationships. 

Offer workshops or other programs to help employees develop their emotional intelligence, as it can help improve company culture, productivity, and employee retention.

#7 Create a sense of belonging with office games.

Games are a great way to foster a sense of belonging. They offer a fun way to break the ice and let your employees know that you do not take everything at work too seriously. 

Office-based games can boost communication and help your employees get to know one another better. They also make the workplace more lively and create a sense of fellowship among your employees.

#8 Host internal seminars to build employee skills.

Your employees likely have loads of knowledge to share, but they might not feel comfortable doing so at work. Offer the opportunity to teach and learn by hosting workshops—online or in person.

It allows employees to share their skills and passions. If you are hosting workshops online, ensure you are hosting on a platform that allows for one-on-one and group discussions. It will enable your employees to connect and share resources.

#9 Boost employee inputs.

Dale Carnegie said, “People support a world they help to create.” In other words, When we allow people to contribute ideas and have a voice, they feel more invested in the outcome. 

One of the best ways to encourage employee engagement is to ensure they feel like their ideas and input are valued.

Engaged employees are more likely to be productive, so if you want your team members to put in more effort, you need to make sure that employees feel heard.

You can implement employee feedback surveys or a suggestion box, among other methods.

#10 Embrace workplace diversity.

Diversity can be anything from gender, race, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, etc. The key to a thriving, productive workplace is embracing diversity.

It is possible in many ways. For example, knowing your employees and their backgrounds, hiring people from different backgrounds, and being open to people with unusual ideas.


Create a warm and welcoming culture where employees feel connected and appreciated. 

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